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Edging Services in Spokane by Crystal Peak Landscaping

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A well-manicured lawn doesn't stop at mowing. The perfect finishing touch involves the strategic art of edging. This process doesn't only entail maintaining defined lines around your lawn using professional tools like weed-eaters or edgers. It also involves distinguishing planting beds from the lawn area and ensuring the safety and health of your trees and plants.

Trees are particularly susceptible to 'mower blight,' a condition where continuous impact from a lawn mower at the tree's base leads to damaging girdling. Through precise edging around trees, we ensure that roots are safe from accidental clipping, and your trees remain robust and healthy.

Effective edging serves as a barrier to invasive weeds that might otherwise encroach on specific areas of your landscape. A well-maintained lawn is a resilient lawn, but if left unattended or without special care, it becomes a prime target for weed infestations. Edging provides an extra layer of protection, keeping your lawn pristine and free from unwanted growth.

Turf grass is nature's boundary-breaker; it grows where it pleases. Our expert edging services slice through overgrown grass, creating a clean, visually pleasing edge that enhances your property's overall appeal. This technique is particularly valuable for areas where your lawn meets sidewalks, driveways, paths, and other surfaces. With our expert touch, your lawn’s edges will stand out, improving your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetic.
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