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Jacob Settle - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jacob Settle Director of Lawn Care in Spokane
Jacob Settle is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Crystal Peak Landscaping, managing all aspects of landscaping with passion, precision, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Co-founder of the company alongside his brother, Jedidiah Settle, Jacob epitomizes the spirit of hard work and perseverance instilled in them during their upbringing at the foot of Crystal Peak Mountain in Idaho.

Jacob refined his skills through diverse roles in renowned landscaping firms before co-establishing Crystal Peak Landscaping. His background coupled with practical expertise has been instrumental in shaping the company's unique approach to landscaping.

Jacob oversees the entire landscaping operation, from design conception to execution and maintenance, ensuring that each project aligns with the company's high standards and client expectations. His technical knowledge, innovative ideas, and meticulous attention to detail have been vital in delivering outstanding results and setting Crystal Peak Landscaping apart in the industry.

Jacob is also responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, believing in the power of collaboration to achieve project goals. His effective leadership style and strong communication skills have established a culture of excellence and teamwork within the company.

Outside the professional sphere, Jacob is an accomplished athlete, with a particular passion for body building. His love for fitness extends into his personal life, often seen in the gym during his free time. Moreover, he is an accomplished guitar player, finding solace and inspiration in the melody of compositions.

In the realm of philanthropy, Jacob mirrors his brother's commitment to environmental conservation and local community development initiatives. Their combined efforts have significantly contributed to the greening of Spokane and its surrounding areas.

A driven leader and an expert landscaper, Jacob Settle continues to shape the future of Crystal Peak Landscaping with a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices.
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