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Jedidiah Settle - President & CEO

Jedidiah Settle Director of Landscaping in Spokane
Jedidiah Settle, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Crystal Peak Landscaping, is a true example of a leader who has merged passion with profession. Born and raised at the foot of Crystal Peak Mountain in Idaho, Jedidiah's love for the outdoors was kindled from a very young age.

A visionary entrepreneur, Jedidiah co-founded Crystal Peak Landscaping with his brother, Jacob Settle. The duo's shared upbringing, instilled with the values of hard work, perseverance, and integrity by their former bodybuilder and United States Marine father, shaped their work ethic and business ethos.

Before establishing Crystal Peak Landscaping, Jedidiah worked with several leading environmental organizations, honing his skills in sustainable landscape management.

Under his leadership, Crystal Peak Landscaping has grown into a premier landscaping company serving Spokane and its surrounding areas in the Inland Northwest. His hands-on approach to leadership, paired with his deep understanding of the industry, has been instrumental in ensuring the company's success.

Jedidiah's commitment extends beyond landscaping excellence, focusing also on building strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and subcontractors. His reputation for exceptional customer service and effective communication is widely recognized in the industry.

Outside of work, Jedidiah is an avid body builder and pianist, often found in the gym or playing his favorite tunes. He is also a noted philanthropist, using his influence to support environmental conservation efforts and community development initiatives in Spokane.

With a mix of determination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, Jedidiah Settle continues to shape the future of Crystal Peak Landscaping, delivering unmatched service and driving innovation in the landscaping industry.
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