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Enhanced Landscaping Maintenance Services in Spokane

Welcome to Crystal Peak Landscaping, the superior choice for dedicated lawn care and landscape maintenance in Spokane. We're more than just a landscape company - we're your partners in transforming your outdoor areas into beautiful, functional oases that augment your property's value and enrich your lifestyle.
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Why Trust Crystal Peak Landscaping for Your Landscape Maintenance?

Maintaining your own landscape can be demanding and time-consuming. With the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, numerous Spokane homeowners are opting for professional landscape maintenance services. Crystal Peak Landscaping takes pride in contributing to this thriving sector, enriching our clients' lives with exceptional service and sustainable methods.
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Our Inclusive Landscape Maintenance Services

Our scope of services ranges from meticulous lawn mowing and shrub trimming to efficient irrigation repair and seasonal clean-ups. Our co-founders, Jedidiah and Jacob Settle, collaborate with you to establish and manage maintenance objectives, ensuring your landscape remains vibrant and thriving throughout the seasons.

The Science and Skill of Pruning

Pruning, an integral aspect of landscape maintenance, enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor area. Pruning extends beyond mere trimming of excess growth - it requires understanding the optimal timing to encourage healthy plant development and prevent damage during extreme weather. Our team excels at timing pruning activities to protect your plants from the harsh Spokane winter cold or summer heat.
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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

In Spokane, readying your lawn for the winter months is a pivotal part of landscape maintenance. Our winterizing procedure involves applying a specially-designed high-potassium fertilizer to bolster your lawn's resilience against the cold and enhance its nutrient absorption before its dormancy period.
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Customized Maintenance Plans

Recognizing that each landscape is unique, we provide a tailored approach to maintenance. Based on your specific requirements and the traits of your outdoor space, we'll design a maintenance plan that encompasses necessary tasks, frequencies, and seasonal modifications. From weekly vine trimming and turfgrass mowing in summer to monthly pruning in winter, our team ensures your landscape stays beautiful and healthy all year round.

Invest in Crystal Peak Landscaping's professional landscape maintenance and savor more leisure time while we meticulously care for your outdoor spaces. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our services!
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