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Spokane's Top-notch Commercial Lawn Care Service

Crystal Peak Landscaping, your go-to choice for superior commercial lawn care in Spokane, understands the unique challenges that commercial landscapes present. From high maintenance lawns to alternative rock gardens, bushes, and mulch, we cater to a wide range of corporate aesthetics and maintenance requirements.
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Comprehensive Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Our services encompass all aspects of commercial lawn care, from routine mowing to comprehensive maintenance plans. Mowing is an essential component of lawn care, and we manage it all – from expansive corporate lawns to condominium green spaces. Spokane business owners understand that lawns, while thriving in moist conditions, can also endure droughts. This resilience means frequent growth during rainy spells, necessitating weekly or even bi-weekly mowing.

Crystal Peak Landscaping is equipped with top-tier mowers, perfect for servicing small businesses and extensive office parks. Coupled with a vacuum and mulching fan, we guarantee to mow your lawn when it is optimally dry. For Spokane businesses with large commercial lawns, this approach ensures that wet grass doesn't gum up our mowing decks, blades, and drive belts.

Competitive Bidding for Commercial Lawn Care

We pride ourselves on offering affordable bids for all small businesses and office parks looking to maintain their outdoor spaces without breaking the bank. If you're unsatisfied with your current landscaping service or keen on cost-saving, Crystal Peak Landscaping is ready to provide a FREE estimate that aims to outbid your existing offer.
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Who Benefits from Our Commercial Landscaping Services?

Our commercial landscaping services are ideal for:

  • Facility managers of botanical gardens, historic buildings, municipalities, universities, cemeteries, and other public green spaces
  • Builders of residential and commercial properties without dedicated landscaping staff
  • Golf course managers in need of maintenance assistance
  • Rental property or condominium association managers
  • Managers of public facilities
  • Government establishments

After partnering with Crystal Peak Landscaping, you'll enjoy a simple and comprehensive lawn-care plan, the result of a thorough lawn assessment. Trust us to elevate your Spokane commercial lawn to its fullest potential!
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