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Spokane Residential Lawn Care Service

Mowing is the most regular of lawn-maintenance chores in Spokane. But there are distinctively right and wrong ways of mowing the lawn. The wrong way doesn't just make your lawn look bad, it opens it up to infection from diseases and attack by pests. So it pays to hire Crystal Peak Landscaping to help you out with your mow and is the best way to keep your Spokane lawn in tip top shape.

How to maintain your lawn?

Maintaining a weed-, disease-, and problem-free lawn isn't rocket science; it just requires correct maintenance practices, done at the right time and at regular intervals. The first step is to make sure you have Crystal Peak Landscaping booked to take care of your lawn.

This will in turn make your lawn care trouble free!

Ensuring the grass gets all the water it needs is another good lawn-maintenance practice. And lawn maintenance also involves several less regular, but no less important, tasks. Fertilizing, aerating, and shutting your lawn down properly for the winter (or whenever it goes dormant), all impact how well your lawn grows and looks!

Can you revive a damaged lawn?

YES! We can certainly try!

Perhaps you inherited a lawn that hasn't seen the best of care (sellers are often more worried about their next house than keeping their current lawn in the peak of health). Or it might be that nature just got ahead of you. If your lawn has seen better days and is beyond the help of a little extra watering, a quick mow, and a dose of fertilizer, it may well be time to completely renew it.

Fortunately, lawns are fairly resilient and with the help of Crystal Peak Landscaping, we can return your front or backyard lawn to a dense, deep green brilliance, the envy of your neighbourhood!

Can you plant new lawns?

The answer is a simple YES!

There are several reasons you might want to plant a new lawn. In some cases, your old lawn is beyond the point of rescue. Or you may be moving into a newly built house. In some instances, you simply want to convert an unattractive yard feature, such as a parking area, into a luxuriant, living surface.

Planting a new lawn is one home improvement project that offers a big reward provided that you do not skimp on planning and preparation. Given the time, effort, and money you'll need to put toward your new lawn, it simply doesn't make sense to take shortcuts or to DIY. You should hire Crystal Peak Landscaping to take all necessary steps to prevent weeds in your new lawn, and choose just the right time to actually plant or seed the lawn. This is also the perfect time to install an in-ground sprinkler system!

Who are some of our Spokane clients?

  • New homeowners in Spokane who wish to update the existing landscape of their property
  • Homeowners in Spokane who are frequently out of town on business
  • Retirees who don’t care to do their own maintenance any longer
  • “Snowbirds” from Spokane with winter homes in warmer climates
  • Homeowners who plan to put their home on the market and want to improve its curb appeal with fresh or updated landscaping
  • Homeowners who don’t have the vision, skill or tools to design their own landscaping
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