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Spokane Lawn Mowing

A lush, pristine lawn in Spokane requires excellent soil, ideal conditions, and dedicated lawn maintenance.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be pain in the you know what, but can add significant value to your home. The amount of time spent will determine the quality, with results ranging from high maintenance lawns that are lush, watered throughout the summer, and virtually weed free to medium maintenance lawns that have some weeds and may be allowed to go dormant during the summer, to low maintenance lawns that receive little to no fertilizer and are mowed infrequently.

Mowing is the most important factor in keeping a lawn healthy. There are a few considerations for good mowing technique.

Spokane features a cool arid climate

Take a stroll down your Spokane neighborhood block and you may find that precious few yards actually look inviting. That's because many different elements come together in the creation of a truly memorable lawn. In addition to a sharp appearance of its own, the lawn should also complement the edges of the property and visually complement other yard features, such as flowerbeds, shrubs and trees.

That said, growing the better lawn is not a great mystery, it's the product of a little thought, a little time, and making sure the lawn is kept healthy. If it's kept in fighting trim, your lawn will do the rest, filling out in a dense mat of eye-catching green and looking good even in periods of drought, overuse, or less-than- ideal weather in Spokane, WA.
Spokane lawn mowing and maintenance

Proper Lawn Maintenance

The lawn is the biggest pride and joy for most Americans.  The tradition of having that beautiful green lawn actually came from England, where lawns were planted as field space between flowerbeds and manicured bushes in the formal garden.  Most Americans embrace the more British style lawn with no dandelions or other field flowers in it, unlike Europeans who enjoy having the monotonous green lawn be speckled with the yellow flowers of the dandelions in the summer.
Spokane Valley lawn mowing and maintenance

Proper Lawn Planting

One of the biggest frustrations of homeowners is not having the grass grow properly. Many people think that grass is difficult to grow, but it’s not. If you know what you are doing, you can have a green lawn which is the envy of the block!

Moss is your lawn’s main arch enemy

Where there is moss growing on the ground, grass will not grow. Even the spores of the moss will kill any attempt to grow a lawn. Typically, moss likes very shady areas, thus lawns are more successful in sunny areas.
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