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Landscaping Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your landscape, we acknowledge there are many lawn care business in Spokane to choose from. Allow the group at Crystal Peak Landscaping to transform your lawn right into the show piece that it absolutely can be!
maintaining Spokane landscaping service

Have you ever thought you spent too much money on your landscaping?

Though in years past, a lot of people mowed their own lawns and trimmed their own bushes, today with their busy Spokane lifestyles, people are hiring us to do their landscape maintenance and design. It's turned into a multimillion dollar business and we are happy to be part of this ecosystem in enriching people's lives!

Maintaining your landscaping

At Crystal Peak Landscaping, the last aspect of our job is maintenance. In this economic situation, the majority of landscape companies in Spokane are making their money through maintenance. Maintenance covers anything from mowing lawns to fixing irrigation parts and most homeowners in Spokane are willing to pay for these duties to be done for them. The majority of the takes involved in maintenance are rather simple and easy to perform, but ultimately make a company. Jedidiah and Jacob will help you create and manage maintenance goals to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful all year round by pruning your trees and shrubs and maintaining your flower beds.

Pruning your landscape

The last part of maintenance that needs to be mentioned is pruning. Pruning not only makes a landscape clean and well maintained, it is also visually appealing. Pruning trees and shrubs doesn’t mean simply hacking away. A general rule of thumb is to prune right before a flush of growth occurs. If pruning takes place too early in winter or in the middle of summer serious repercussions can occur. Pruning in the wrong time in winter makes the plant more susceptible to cold temperature and too cold of temperature can kill the plant. The same basic principal applies in the summer, if pruning is poorly timed, burning can occur!

Winterizing the Lawn

Preparing the lawn to survive the winter months is almost as important as keeping it going strong during the growing season. Warm-season lawns in temperate parts of country continue to grow over the winter. Something we don't have to worry about here in Spokane. The first step in winterizing a cool-season lawn is to apply a specially formulated fertilizer called winterizer. This is a formula high in potassium, which helps strengthen the cells of the grass plants and toughens them up for the winter to come. The potassium affects both top growth and roots, increasing the plant's ability to endure cold and helping it take up other essential nutrients prior to going dormant. This is something Spokane homeowners can do themselves very easily.

What is involved?

All of these things need to be considered when developing a maintenance plan. In addition to above mentioned, tasks, frequencies, and seasons need to be accounted for. During the summer months when plants are actively growing, maintenance needs to be performed weekly. In the winter months twice monthly or once monthly is recommended. Tasks that need to be performed also need to be involved. Trees, shrubs, and hedges don’t require pruning every week. While other plants such as vines and turfgrass may need to be done every week. At Crystal Peak Landscaping, we can tailor all of these tasks depending on what the homeowner wants and needs.
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