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How do you begin landscape design?

It can be both daunting and discouraging to try to figure out how to make landscape improvements to your property without the help of professionals. If you’ve bought a new home in Spokane, the contractors could have left you with a completed house on an unfinished site for example, or if you own an older landscape, you have to deal with someone else’s leftover taste. We’re proud to have Spokane’s best residential design and build landscapers leading our company. We take pride in our level of customization, problem solving, and design talent. Jedidiah & Jacob will work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your Spokane lifestyle while adding value to your home!

How do you figure out what to do with your landscaping?

At Crystal Peak Landscaping, designing a landscape entails knowledge from every aspect of horticulture. Knowing these aspects makes this seemingly overbearing task that much easier. Knowing soil types, temperatures for a given location, how to read design plans, and types of irrigation allows the design phase of a project to run smoothly. Frankly, blending of all these aspects together creates a beautiful landscape.

We can help you redesign your front yard, back yard, patios, retaining walls, artificial turf & sod, feng shui, garden designs, edging, water features, outdoor kitchens, boulders, and natural stone — to name just a few areas of our expertise. With every project, Jedidiah & Jacob will work with you to create the perfect setting for your Spokane family’s outdoor life for generations to come. Whether that is creating a low-maintenance yard for the kids to explore, or a comfortable oasis that showcases your prized garden, we design and build custom landscapes that fit the way you live.

Contact us with your project ideas and we’ll do everything we can to make them come to life. Crystal Peak can service all of your Spokane landscaping needs. Call us today for a FREE consultation
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How do you design a landscape?

When designing a landscape many things need to be considered. Temperature, along with
many other factors, dictates what exactly the landscape can possess.
In Spokane, WA during the harshest months, January and July, temperatures vary dramatically. During January the record low temperature is eighteen degrees and in July the record high temperature is one hundred and eighteen!

How do you select turf grass in Spokane?

To select a turf grass for Spokane and the region, the same amount of consideration needs to be taken as in selecting plants. Turf-grass is a vital part of the landscape. With a poor turf selection, a well installed landscape can quickly turn into a horrible one. When determining which turfgrass to select, temperature, foot traffic, soils, and water needs must be taken into consideration. Because of the hot Spokane summer months, a warm-season grass is needed. Ideally for this region and for a homeowner that wants to eventually start a family, Tall fescue is ideal.

What is your soil type?

Every landscape design should also include an analysis of soil type. Soils play an imperative role in the long-term success of plants. Soils are comprised of three distinct particles: sand, silt, and clay. Each of these entirely different particles exhibit different characteristics. Sand, which is the larges of the three, .05 to 2mm, exhibits drainage properties because of the amount of pore space between them. With such relatively huge pore space, water has no other option but to percolate downward. Silt, .05 to .002mm in diameter, holds on to water much better than sand. Silt is also naked to the eye thus making its texture feel very smooth. Clay, .002 mm and smaller, exhibits water holding capabilities that silt and sand cannot compare to. However, too much clay in the soil makes it very difficult to manage.

By having a generalized idea about soil particles, we at Crystal Peak can determine what type of irrigation needs to be installed and what type of plants can be planted.

How will you keep it watered?

The homeowner needs to account for irrigation. There are many types of irrigation available, however not all are compatible for certain areas in a landscape. Usually, pop-up and rotor sprinklers are used for sod areas. These types of sprinklers are ideal for turf areas because of their ability to pop-up when turned on and retract back down when water is not running through the system. These systems are both appealing to the eye and very functional. Functionally, having the ability to retract below the surface of the lawn enables the homeowner to mow the lawn without worrying about damaging sprinkler heads and having to replace them.

What is a construction plan?

A construction plan involves everything that requires building of a structure or removal of existing structures. This section entails fences, boulders, benches, and concrete slabs and curbs. Also, it shows exactly where everything is placed.

What is a planting plan?

A planting plan is exactly what it sounds like, a plan for plants. In this type of drawing, plants are denoted by specific symbols, usually circles with variation lines within them, to make them distinguishable from other plants in the landscape. In addition, there is a planting tablet on this drawing as well. A planting palette is a quick reference to types and quantities of plants that are in the landscape.

Detailed drawings are also added to the landscape drawings. Detail drawings are very important because they show exactly how something should be built.
THE right tree can be a lovely addition and a great way to break up an otherwise boring expanse of lawn. But choose carefully. The tree should have a modest canopy and it should be placed where the sun will move around it during the day, preventing lawn thinning due to lack of sun.
If you build it, they will come.
Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams
If you build it, they will come—to bask with a cup of coffee in the early morning rays, to play hopscotch on the driveway, to harvest the ripest tomato along with a snip of basil for a fresh caprese salad, to plant a rose bush, or to catch fireflies in the grassy meadow under the stars.

These real-life experiences bring to children, and adults alike, a deep connection to our earth and a rekindling of spirit that can’t happen any other way.

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