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Edging not only means keeping a crisp line around lawns using a weed-eater or edger, but also means separating planting beds away from the lawn area. Edging around trees ensures that roots will not be clipped by a lawn mower and ensures that mower blight will not occur. Mower blight is an abiotic term used when a lawn mower is continuously hit along the base of a tree, causing girdling to occur.

Edging also keeps undesirable weeds from entering certain areas of the landscape. Lawn areas are susceptible to infestations of weeds if left unattended or special attention is not given. Turf grass doesn't honor borders. It grows where it wants to grow, and our edgers slice through it to make a clean edge. Lawn edgers actually come in handy all around the lawn. The traditional use is to provide a crisp edge and cut through grass overgrowth sprawling onto sidewalks, paths, driveways, and other surfaces bordering the lawn.
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