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Spokane Commercial Lawn Care Service

The most temperamental and the most high maintenance in any ordinary landscaping project, besides water gardens, is your commercial lawn. In fact, it is because of the high maintenance involved that many corporations are getting away from lawns and wanting to go more to rock gardens, bushes and mulch, although they have their maintenance issues too!

Proper commercial lawn maintenance

Mowing is the major part of commercial lawn maintenance and Crystal Peak Landscaping handles everything from large corporate facilities to condominiums. Landlords in Spokane will know that grass is a plant which thrives in moisture, but will survive in droughts. 

This means that when it rains frequently, the grass will grow quickly and will need to be cut every week or sometimes twice every week. Here is the tricky part. We have high quality mowers to service small businesses and office parks and with a vacuum and mulching fan, we will always mow the lawn when it is as dry as possible. With clients in Spokane with large areas in commercial lawn mowing, this means that wet grass can stick to the bottom of our mowing decks, gumming up out blades and drive belts.

We aim to outbid your current bid!

We offer low and affordable bids for all small businesses and office parks that have outdoor grounds that want to save money, or are unhappy with their present landscaping company. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

Does your company fit into our landscaping client profile?

  • Facility managers for botanical gardens, historic buildings, municipalities and other government entities, universities, cemeteries and other public places with green spaces
  • Builders of both residential and commercial properties who don’t already have their own landscaper or staff
  • Golf course managers who may need help with maintenance
  • Rental property or condominium association managers who are personnel-impaired
  • Managers of public facilities
  • Government establishments

A simple and comprehensive lawn-care plan is the ultimate goal of any thorough lawn assessment, which is exactly what you should have once Crystal Peak is finished with your Spokane commercial lawn!
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